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Healing is an art. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes love.

I've been practicing massage therapy for 13 years, developing my skills in the art of listening to the body. What I've come to learn time and time again, is how the body has built-in intelligence to heal itself. Through stressors of the present life, past circumstance, or trauma, the body adapts to patterned responses of fight or flight as a way to cope. My desire is to create a space that the body can relax and unwind in as I use my skills through various modalities to guide and encourage the somatic connection of the body with the mind. Through nurturing and intentional touch, the bodywork will resonate on a deeply therapeutic level. Taking the time to unwind in a contained safe space allows the nervous system to relax, which eases physical pain in the muscles, which in turn creates a sense of wholeness within.

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Other Offerings and Add-ons:

-Asian Fire Cupping-

An ancient form of alternative medicine which can be classified as a type of deep tissue massage. Cupping is a unique way to alleviate pain and inflammation while encouraging healthy blood and lympth flow to create deep release in the muscular body.

30 minutes: $40

Add-on to any massage: $30


-Ayurvedic Guidance & Wellness Coaching-

Learn about your personal Dosha and what kind of diet, exercise, and other health practices you should adopt for a well-balanced lifestyle. Together, we will determine how to incorporate holistic approaches that are unique to your constitution through conversation, writing, meditations, hands-on bodywork, and simple guided practices to do in session and at home.

Initial Consultation/ 30 Minutes: $50

Sessions Thereafter: 1 hr: $90


Massage Packages:
$130 1 hr/ $160 1.5 hr

Basic: set of 3: 

(1 hr.) = $390

5% Discount = $370 (you save $20)

(1.5 hr.) = $435

5% Discount = $413 (you save $22)

Devotion: set of 9:

(1 hr.) = $1,170

10% Discount= $1,053 (you save $117)

(1.5 hr.) = $1,305

10% Discount = $1,175 (you save $130)

Heartspace: set of 6: 

(1 hr.) = $780

10% Discount = $702 (you save $78)

(1.5 hr.) = $870

10% Discount = $783 (you save $87)

Gratitude: set of 10: 

(1 hr.) = $1,300

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(1.5  hr.) = $1,450

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